Setra set to sell Rolfs mill operation

5 October 2017

Setra is set to sell its sawmill operation in Rolfs, Kalix which supplies Scandinavian and European markets.

The mill has around 60 employees and produces sawn wood products such as construction timber, cladding and a range of other building products.

“The level of integration between Setra Rolfs and Setra’s other production units is low when it comes to raw material supply and marketing concepts, and it therefore makes sense for us to explore other ownership structures for the unit,” said Hannele Arvonen, Setra’s president and CEO. Setra has previously sold units that did not directly link up with or support its core business.

“This move is entirely in line with Setra’s overall strategy of optimising our resources, such as raw material and production capacity, and exploiting market opportunities as best we can in order to meet customers’ needs and wishes,” added Ms Arvonen.

The company said demand for sawn wood products remained very good in Sweden, the rest of Scandinavia and the world. It has increased production of sawn wood products in Malå from 170,000m3 per year to around 215,000m3, with the planing mill updated to handle higher production volume of interior products, including high-quality flooring and cladding.

Setra’s mill in Rolfs, Kalix had a production volume of 73,000m3 in 2016.