Sikkens celebrates 20 years of coating Accoya

2 July 2019

Sikkens Wood Coatings, a subsidiary of AkzoNobel, is celebrating a 20-year association with Accoya modified wood.

Back in 1999, Sikkens products were the only coatings tested for use on acetylated wood. The collaborative relationship was strengthened in 2015 when Accoya manufacturer, Accsys Group, set up a testing programme for exterior coating outdoor exposure testing to EN927-3 standards at its Arnhem facility in the Netherlands.

Sikkens supplied coated samples and after three years continual outdoor exposure the samples were inspected and the warranty statements were confirmed to be accurate.

In June this year, Accsys launched phase two of the programme and Sikkens is involved again, along with other leading coating companies.

“Customers are asking for maintenance-free periods of up to 10 years and the combination of Accoya and Sikkens wood coating systems make this possible,” said Justin Peckham, UK sales manager at Accsys Technologies.