TTF issues Panels Review update

6 April 2018

Following a meeting by the Timber Trade Federation’s National Panel Products Division, the TTF has issued an update on its Panels Review and standards of plywood entering the market.

In the update the TTF makes it plain that the federation is not running an “approval scheme” and that all claims to the extent that products are “TTF Approved” are false.

It adds that it has contacted members who have marked packs in this manner and have been assured that the practice will end.

The update also reminds members that they will be audited against the criteria laid out in the Panels Review for Chinese plywood. This will be done via the amended Tool D in the RPP. All TTF members acting as operators regarding Chinese plywood (ie importing it) will be required to submit this by the end of June this year.

More information on the Panels Review will appear in a forthcoming issue of TTJ.