I read with interest Gordon Gresham’s guest column. I wholeheartedly agree that many industry players miss the opportunity to publicise their company or credentials through marking their own product.

In commodity industries such as timber, added value is created by factors such as product quality and excellent service, but this is not the whole story. Compliance with technical or environmental standards, industry association membership or corporate identity can all add value to timber by creating an improved market perception. Examples of this include ISPM 15, FSC, wood. for good or CE marking. More powerful still is the abil-ity to customise product to clients’ requirements by printing the retailer or end user’s logo onto the timber.

Even in tougher market conditions the industry is well-advised to continue to promote itself in our trade press. But, Mr Gresham’s final point has particular poignancy: advertising on your own product is free publicity!

Colin Stewart


Timbermark Identification Systems Ltd