Alongside the well-known sliding table saws made at its factory in Minden, Germany, Altendorf was giving a first Ligna showing to new products from its plant in Quinhuangdao, China.

The WA8 was developed for companies which “do not want to sacrifice quality, but need to keep a tight rein on their budget”.

Jürgen Ruchatz of Altendorf said that the machine was also ideal for use by bigger companies as a second saw.

The WA8’s 5.5kW motor features linear adjustment and the saw can be supplied with either manual or motorised tilt, rise and fall adjustment.

Another Chinese-made model was the WA6, the smallest saw made by Altendorf, selling at under {euro}5,000 and available in CE and non-CE versions.

“Our Chinese factory works to the same quality level as our German plant and we have engineers from Minden overseeing production there,” said Mr Ruchatz.

Altendorf also showed its top-end F45 model with the Elmo IV-Plus which includes additional CNC-controlled axes and Control-Plus on-screen user guidance. The machine can also be linked to a PC for optimisation.