A £1.8m investment in new machinery and equipment has led to a 25% increase in productivity at WJ Handrahan & Son Ltd, West Midlands.

The company installed a new Stenner high-speed sawing line and Weinig moulding line at both its Kingswinford and Huthwaite sites.

Mechanical handling equipment from System TM A/S was chosen to serve the lines, which produce products including flooring, decking, skirtings and architraves.

The Stenner twin power saw is high speed and can deep cut. It increases production of TGV and shiplap profiles.

The fully-automated moulding line can produce minipacks in cubic metres and is linked to a labelling system.

The Danish System TM handling equipment comprises a tilt hoist infeed to the moulding line running at 80m/min. After moulding, workpieces are automatically stacked, wrapped and strapped to meet individual pack sizes.

The process for the sawing line is similar, with a tilt hoist and automatic stacking into finished packs.