“This is the first time in 100 years that Interbuild has been run in consecutive years,” said Ross Sturley of the show’s organiser Emap, adding that event will now stay annual.

Mr Sturley, strategy & business development director of Emap Construct, said more than 400 Interbuild exhibitors had been interviewed about increasing show frequency.

“Their product development cycle has moved from two years to an average of eight months. Equally, the pressure and pace of change and all sorts of other things are compelling manufacturers to be quicker with their product development. When that happens you look at biennial shows and look at opportunities to make them annual.”

Mr Sturley said a typical Interbuild visitor was a jobbing builder, “but it also gets more architects than any other show”.

“Over the last two shows we have had a really good relationship with TRADA. The Timber Zone promotes timber and shows issues and innovation in the timber sector, which is fantastic.”

Mr Sturley said the Timber Zone would continue and he thought the interface of the zone with the off-site area worked well.