A Boere Elite 1300 TKKC widebelt sander has been installed at Stonebridge Joinery in London to improve quality.

The three-head Boere Elite TKKC – bought for an undisclosed sum – replaces an old single-head widebelt machine that had been in place for 12 years.

Stonebridge had been experiencing quality problems on the machine with components sticking and picking-up dubbing marks.

Workers at the £5m-turnover company also had to pass pre-formed chair arms and legs through the old machine four or six times.

The new Boere enables precise calibration and what is described as an exceptionally high and consistent quality of finish achieved in two passes – one for the top surface and one for the bottom.

Stonebridge managing director John Green also said that the company is becoming ‘very proactive in innovating designs for customers’ and the Boere Elite helps in this work, coping well with complex and unusual shapes.