Accoya “Lasts a Lifetime” campaign launches

7 March 2023

Accsys, the manufacturer of Accoya wood, has launched a new UK national advertising campaign, “Lasts a Lifetime”, highlighting the high performance of Accoya wood to homeowners.

The campaign launched with a commercial on Sky TV on February 27 targeting a subset of the homeowner market audience. This will be supported by digital advertising, including YouTube and other social media channels, running through the spring. The commercial was produced by RD Content.

The commercial on Sky is expected to reach an audience of more than 3.1 million homeowners with an ad frequency of 5.5. It follows a young family’s life through the lens of an Accoya window, charting the ups and downs of a relationship between a father and his daughter over the years. The window acts as a constant in their ever-changing lives.

“As we move into the warmer months many people are considering replacing their windows and doors,” said George Neel, Accsys’s communications, marketing and ESG director. “Windows and doors are one of the biggest investments to add value to a home and choosing the right material is key. We want to ensure homeowners understand the durability and reliability benefits of Accoya and know that it lasts a lifetime.”

The commercial can be viewed here.