Opturion says it has entered a long-term contract to build, commission and support a supply chain optimisation solution for the forestry and transport operations of Arauco based on its proven optimisation platform.

The solution will provide an upgrade to the optimal transport planning and scheduling system over several time horizons. It will include long-term strategic optimisation, medium-term tactical planning, and real-time dynamic optimisation on the day of operations.

The solution will integrate entirely with existing management systems to provide a secure, efficient workflow. It is being developed to include sourcing and loading forest products and transporting them to sawmills, pulp mills, and plywood manufacturing plants.  

This project is a significant win for Opturion, and the application will enable Arauco to improve productivity, efficiency and customer service. 

The business benefits for Arauco will include: increased equipment and labour productivity, improved schedule adherence and better management of delays and queuing. The complete system is due to go live in July this year. 

Opturion has already completed a proof-of-concept demonstrating the platform's capability and establishing a solid business case.  

"We selected Opturion through a competitive tender process with several other global leaders in optimisation,” said Cristian Pinto, transportation manager at Arauco. “We are very pleased with the outcome of the POC and the progress to date. Opturion's optimisation platform is very powerful, and we have already identified other potential applications." 

"We are very fortunate to have Arauco as a great partner in this project,” said Alan Dormer, managing director of Opturion. “Their commitment to using technology to improve productivity and efficiency is evident in all parts of the business, and their current systems are a solid foundation for delivering the potential benefits of supply chain optimisation."