The VSE250 boasts a maximum cross-section of 250mm, which can be further enhanced to reach 305mm square with the upgraded tool pack.

It dwarfs its predecessors in both size and capability. But what truly sets this machine apart are its key features, each designed to optimise performance and streamline operations.

One of the standout features of the VSE250 is its versatility, said the company. With a cross-section range spanning from 75 x 22mm to 250 x 250mm posts, it accommodates a wide array of product sizes, from the smallest to the largest. This flexibility is further enhanced by its ability to execute full incisions ranging from 6mm to 12mm, catering to various industry requirements.

The VSE250's automated machine set-up allows operators to switch between product sizes in under 60 seconds. This minimises downtime and maximises productivity, ensuring a continuous throughput without the need for return feed. Additionally, the digitally variable speed ranging from 40-80m/min provides operators with precise control over the processing speed, further boosting productivity and quality.

Additionally, the VSE250 is equipped with an anti-tear-out blade system, minimising waste, and ensuring clean, precise incisions every time. Its automated 'in-feed out-feed' systems offer added convenience and efficiency, further streamlining the processing workflow.

The company adds that perhaps the most impressive aspect of the VSE250 is its reliability and consistency. Thanks to its unique shaft support system, designed to reduce deflection and component overload, operators can trust in its performance, even under the most demanding conditions. This reliability has been validated through extensive field testing, with excellent results reported by AV Birch.

AV Birch currently has one VSE250 deployed in the field and two more machines are in production.

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