In a statement to MPs, Mr Brown outlined his legislative plans for the next session of parliament, which include plans to increase the rate of housebuilding and build three million new homes by 2020.

Moreover, Mr Brown said that plans are to be put in place to speed up the construction of zero and low carbon housing in order to create eco towns and reduce the UK’s environmental impact.

“To respond to the rising aspirations of the British people we must deliver new and better opportunities,” said the prime minister.

“Through this decade and right up to 2020, I want us – in environmentally-friendly ways using principlally brownfield land and building eco towns and villages – to meet housing need.”

Mr Brown also stated that, through the Climate Change Bill, Britain would be the first country in the world to introduce a legal framework for cutting carbon emissions and set five-year targets for reducing emissions through to 2050.

In the last issue of TTJ, British Woodworking Federation chief executive Richard Lambert said that Mr Brown would need to tackle issues planning, land availability and funding of social housing.