Mr McLaughlin has worked in the environmental sector for over 16 years at a variety of companies operating in very different parts of the supply chain. Having gone on to join BSW as environmental manager in 2022, his breadth of experience makes him uniquely suited to the task of creating and implementing initiatives that will unite the wide range of companies in BSW’s brand stable, bringing them together with a shared purpose and commitment.

As part of his duties, Mr McLaughlin will chair BSW’s ESG governance committee, working to drive forward ESG at the timber group, supporting the various teams to achieve targets across the UK.

He will also work to develop a comprehensive ESG strategy that will provide a detailed programme to tackle key elements around environmental and social impact, as well as how governance structures are managed within BSW.

“I am delighted to be moving into this role,” said Mr McLaughlin. “BSW is unique in its position as a fully contained forestry ecosystem, where each step of the supply chain seamlessly leads into the next. This offers us unprecedented opportunities to create systems and efficiencies that allow us to make the most of every natural resource, piece of machinery and by-product throughout the timber process. We are committed to building long-term, sustainable businesses, which will grow, provide employment, and generate economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.”