The City of Prince Rupert is still waiting to find out how much of bankrupt New Skeena Forest Products’ C$4.7m bills it will have to pay, following a BC Court of Appeal hearing.

The city has been told it needs to seek clarification from the BC Supreme Court before proceeding with its appeal against a court decision last year which ruled that Skeena’s administrative and interim financing costs would be assigned to the company’s assets.

Prince Rupert is concerned that if Skeena’s assets on Watson Island do not sell, it will be forced to claim ownership and pay an estimated C$1.1m-1.4m charge. It is also upset that an estimated value has been given to the land, claiming that environmental clean up operations would cost C$103m.

However, Skeena receiver Ernst and Young believes the city’s fears will not become reality without further court orders,

Meanwhile, the BC Supreme Court has ruled that the Ministry of Forests did not properly consult or accommodate the Gitanyow First Nation before transfering Skeena’s forestry licences to NWBC Timber and Pulp in 2002.