“The seamless integration of EvolutionX into our flagship Horizon ERP software has resulted in an unbeatable formula for business efficiency,” said ECI Software Solutions office products and contract furniture division president, Brian Bowerfind. “The investment in software development by our top experts has resulted in a marriage of two highly useful software applications in their own right to deliver a single, first-class ecommerce solution.”

EvolutionX helps business supplies dealers elevate the shopping experiences for their customers with content, B2B-focused commerce, ERP connectivity and design services. Horizon ERP is purpose-built for dealers to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and profitability and simplify business processes. Together, the new integration empowers the dealers to manage important information flows and real-time data across various endpoints from a single source, including accounts, users, addresses, cost centres, order history and live pricing.

“We are pleased with the results, and this integration has become an indispensable part of our daily operations,” said ECI EvolutionX user and Heatons group director of information communication technology, Tim Clixby. “Thanks to this integration, we can confidently say that our business is more responsive, and customer-focused than ever before.”

“The complementary blend of functionality enables an order that is placed using the EvolutionX platform to appear in the Horizon ERP within milliseconds rather than the up to 10-minute delays typically experienced with competitive offerings, making it a real-time transaction in every practical sense of the term,” said ECI Software Solutions business unit leader, Paddy Donnelly. “The streamlined and highly efficient workflow processes now included in Horizon with the addition of EvolutionX delivers specific value for different priorities.”