The first revision of the Finnish Forest Certification standards (FFCS) has taken place.

Three new forest management criteria have been added, but some other criteria have been either combined or removed, reducing the total number of criteria from 37 to 28.

The standards are revised every five years taking into account practical experience, latest research, stakeholder feedback and information acquired on international environmental and forestry processes.

Much of the system remains unchanged, but the criteria and indicators used to measure good forest management are to be clarified and developed. New criteria include that gene manipulated plant propogation material should not be used in seeding/planting, and that the forest knowledge of children and adolescents should be increased.

The chain of custody standards have also been reviewed and the origin of certified wood can now be verified in the forest industry’s wood procurement as well as in the further processing and marketing chains of wood and paper products.

The new criteria, which will require PEFC Council approval, will be implemented later this year. To view the new documentation visit