Howarth will rename the branch Howarth Timber Brighouse and intends to invest in the site by refurbishing and upgrading its office and collection centre.

"In addition we hope shortly to be able to gain additional space to expand the site," said Nicholas Howarth, the group’s managing director.

"Being part of Howarth Timber will give the Northern Timber team access to a wider range of products.

"We are confident that given the support which being part of a larger like-minded company will give them, the Northern Timber team will be able to further build upon their success and make their branch even better for their customers to buy from."

Terry Egan, managing director of Northern Timber, said the way Howarth Timber operated fitted closely with how Northern Timber traded with its customers.

"We are excited at the opportunities that being part of a larger company offers us, and I am confident that joining Howarth Timber will be good for our customers as well."