James Latham becomes UK sole distributor for Honext

10 December 2021

James Latham has become UK sole distributor for an alternative panel product made using waste from the pulp and paper industry.

The distributor will be selling Honext, a Spanish made panel product that turns cellulose residue from the pulp and paper industry into a fully recyclable, construction ready material. 

James Latham pointed to the product’s quoted sustainability profile & mechanical & acoustic properties which make it suitable for use as indoor cladding & partitioning. 

The product is the result of 10 years research by UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. Honext is a spin out company emerged from the University that is manufacturing the product.

By analysing sorting and classifying pulp/paper industry waste, based on its composition it has proved possible to achieve a standard product. Depending on its quality, Honext uses 50% -75% paper sludge and 25% -50% of cardboard waste as the raw material base.

“We needed to close the loop on the cellulose life cycle and start seeing this type of waste for what it really is: an untapped resource,” said Honext chairman and co-founder Pere Merino.

For an in-depth article about Honext see the current issue of TTJ.

Honext panel are made from paper/pulp industry cellulose waste