Learn with TRADA Live focuses on structural timber engineering

20 April 2021

TRADA’s first online learning series focusing on critical issues within the timber industry launched to great success in January. More than 600 people have signed up so far, and TRADA is keen to keep the momentum going.

The next Learn with TRADA series, which starts on May 18, will focus on structural timber engineering and delve into topics including structural timber products, designing for durability, timber connections, and hybrid construction.

The next few years are pivotal, said TRADA; buildings and construction account for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, and timber, in unison with sustainable woodland management, offers a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional building materials. Engineers are among those who will have to adopt more sustainable design principles and ensure all buildings built in the future contribute positively to mitigating climate breakdown – if we are to do so in time.

Consequently, this series is intended for practising engineers who wish to adopt more sustainable practices and lecturers whose responsibilities involve preparing the next generation of engineers for a changing world.

The series follows a more intensive schedule, with a new session delivered weekly at 12:00–13:30 BST for a total of five sessions. Certificates of attendance will be provided post series, for continued personal development purposes.

The speakers selected for the series feature top industry engineers, experienced lecturers of timber-specific modules, and professionals who prioritise sustainability. They are:

  • Alan Dowdall, associate, Ramboll
  • Andrew King, director, Constructional Timber
  • Andrew Lawrence, associate director, Arup
  • Andrew Thomson, designer / maker, TRUNK Timberwork
  • Hugh Mansfield-Williams, technical manager, BM TRADA
  • Ishan Abeysekera, senior engineer, Arup
  • Keerthi Ranasinghe, senior lecturer, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • Kelly Harrison, associate director, Whitby Wood
  • Kim Collins, senior structural engineer, Historic England
  • Toby Maclean, director, Allt Environmental

The sessions are again free to all TRADA members. However, non-members can purchase the five-session bundle for a fee. Bookings can be made via TRADA.co.uk