Longhouse Coating launches EcoProtect

2 August 2022

Longhouse Coating, a specialist in UV-cured coatings products, has launched EcoProtect, a new, environmentally friendly coating system for P5 chipboard and OSB flooring that enables the construction of a safe, slip-resistant working platform during the construction process.

The company says that due to its unique, solvent-free UV cured coating, EcoProtect is not only environmentally friendly but is also a permanent coated board, eliminating single use plastic and reducing time and waste on site associated with the removal of peel-off weather resistant systems. The product uses no plastic and is 100% recyclable.

“Our USP is that we are very environmentally friendly, with more than 90% lower Co2 emissions than other products used (peel off plastic or double sided melamine) and we send zero plastic to land fill,” said John Thompson of Longhouse Coatings.

“UV cure coatings are now recognised as a sustainable alternative to plastic coated timber products,” said the company.