Panel products manufacturer Norbord Europe is urging UK construction industry buyers to do their bit for the economy by “buying British”.

The company has launched a Buy British campaign to highlight the competitiveness of UK-made construction products, particularly compared with imported goods products that have suffered with recent currency fluctuations.

Norbord, the largest of the UK’s four main panel product manufacturers, says it has benefited in recent years from the growing trend for sustainable construction methods. All of Norbord’s products, which include SterlingOSB, Caberwood MDF and Caberboard PB, are made either from forest thinnings grown in sustainable UK plantations or from recycled timber waste.

“Now, buyers who specify these sustainable home-grown products can save money while supporting the British economy,” said a company spokesperson.

“With the pound falling in value against the euro and the US dollar, imported timber products are increasingly uncompetitive. This is an opportunity for UK manufacturing to assert itself and the specifiers of wood panels can help with this,” they added.