Swedish forest products giant Södra says that the market for sawn timber products is stable.

“Building activities are at a peak and timber consumption is good. The delivery pace at our sawmills is high and stocks are low,” it states in a report on its website ( www.sodra.com).

The company also says that its prices are rising, although the increases were coming in small steps and did not yet compensate for the “substantial weakening of the US dollar in markets where sales are made in that currency”.

It adds that Swedish production overall is high, especially of redwood. “This also means that redwood stocks are not reducing at the same pace as those of whitewood”.

Södra is finding timber consumption strong in the UK and forecasts continued growth there. “The Swedish market is also good,” it states. “But building activities on the Dutch market have decreased somewhat, due to lack of manpower and strikes.”

Meanwhile, Södra Building Systems has received two significant new orders in Sweden for its recently developed Södra Semi prefabricated flooring cassette system. It is supplying 860m2 for three apartment buildings in Huddinge, Stockholm and 500m2 for the rebuild and extension of a school in Mönsterås .