The protection is applied directly in the production facility and is designed to simplify the construction process.

“Having to take into account the weather and humidity is a constant issue in the construction industry, regardless of the material being used,” said Theres Jansson, CLT salesperson at Setra.

The Wetguard200SA moisture protection is manufactured by the Swiss company Siga Cover AG. It consists of an advanced membrane that is designed to allow the wooden frame to breathe and releases moisture in the vapour phase, while at the same time protecting against the penetration of water and other dirt. 

The protection is applied to surfaces such as floor structures and end-grain wood when the frames are being manufactured in Setra’s cross-laminated timber production facility.

“Wetguard allows construction to continue regardless of the weather, and construction companies do not have to think about using traditional weather protection such as tents, which cost both time and money to install,” said Theres Jansson.

“By increasing the industry’s expertise regarding wood construction and developing new methods such as this, we want to make it easier to choose to use wooden frames.”

The method has been tested by Setra, ByggPartner and Siga on a large scale during different seasons. 

The production facility for cross-laminated timber is part of the Setra Timber Industry Centre in Långshyttan, southern Dalarna. Glulam and components for the door and window industry are also manufactured there.