Barloworld Handing Ltd has supplied Sussex Port Forwarding with eight new fork lifts to enhance its timber handling operations at Shoreham Port.

The trucks are diesel-powered Hyster Fortens H5.5FT models, featuring a load capacity of up to 5.5 tonnes, a chassis of 600mm and on-board technologies designed to protect the truck’s key operating systems.

The eight new trucks complete a 20-strong fleet supplied by Barloworld to Sussex Port Forwarding.

Sussex Port Forwarding is Shoreham Port’s wholly-owned stevedoring company and handles 250,000 tonnes of timber a year from up to five ships a week, using bar codes and radio frequency technology to allow customers to monitor stocks at the port online.

“Space can be an issue at this port, which is why we needed high-capacity trucks with a smaller footprint,” said assistant port engineer Ian Buchan.

“The Hyster Fortens design means operators can transport heavy loads of wood and still manoeuvre easily in the narrow aisles of the storage areas.”

The technology used to safeguard the fork lift trucks includes an Auto Deceleration System, which slows the engine as soon as the accelerator is released, and Controlled Power Reversal, which provides smooth directional changing and reduces tyre wear.