This has resulted in a collaboration between glulam manufacturers and the industry organisations in Sweden to produce the new Swedish Wood Glulam Handbook. Adapted to meet Eurocode 5 and the associated national annexes, it is now available to view free online at In the UK, this information should be used in conjunction with current building regulations.

Volume 1 (90 pages) contains facts about glulam and planning guidance.

Volume 2 (270 pages) provides calculations for the structural dimensioning of glulam.

Volume 3 (230 pages) gives example calculations for the most common glulam structures.

Volume 4 (78 pages) provides information on the planning and assembly of glulam structures.

The Glulam Handbook is the latest in a series of Swedish Wood publications available at, including the CLT Handbook, the three-volume Design of timber structures, the Joinery Handbook, Ten Points for Timber on Top as well as the quarterly architecture and design magazine, Trä!.