Since Timber Development UK (TDUK) formed in 2022 from the merger of the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) and the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), we became the largest timber supply chain body in the UK, spanning from sawmill to speci­fier and all points in between.

It’s a vibrant new organisation, but its roots go back well over 100 years.

TDUK provides anyone who works with timber with the tools and guidance they need to grow their business. While a lot of companies are aware of TDUK, they are not always aware what we do and that we now offer more resources than TTF and TRADA combined.

On the TDUK website ( you’ll ­ find more than 50 Timber Knowledge Sheets, with a further 100 to be published in 2024. These cover topics ranging from span tables to tree species, from roof battens to sole plates, and from embodied carbon to adhesive connections.

Whether you work in supply, design or build, there is a wealth of information for you.

Members can also talk directly to our team, who can advise on how to solve particular problems.

TDUK also publishes a range of books and other publications – all free to members. The Merchant Guide to Selling Timber, for example, helps merchants to maximise sales by explaining all the main timber products and their uses.

Similarly, Timber Typologies introduces the multiple different timber construction methods in an accessible, easy-to-understand format.

In-depth technical information can be gleaned from our three-volume Design of Timber Structures set. Later this year, we’ll be publishing what we aim to become the go-to resource for timber construction: the Timber Frame Design Guide.

Regular market updates are sent out to members, and we maintain interactive data portals to provide business and market intelligence to all.

Timber suppliers and users can also keep up to date on all the latest news and information by reading our quarterly magazines, Supplying Timber, and Designing Timber.

We have a library of timber building case studies, available to TDUK members for download, explaining how timber projects came about and going into the detail of their structure and design.

These range from family homes to timber apartment blocks, swimming pools to concert halls, and from of­ ce blocks to schools and universities. They demonstrate how timber makes great buildings.

Thousands of members have also attended our designTimber and engineerTimber webinar series over the past few years.

Our 2024 programme is under way, showcasing amazing buildings like the pioneering Black & White Building and the Eton Sports and Aquatic Centre.

TDUK members are also listed in Find Your Timber Partner, our online membership directory, which ensures they are a visible part of the timber supply chain. It’s a shop window, through which the public and professionals can find them.