TIMCON has called for an in-depth review of available timber supplies as it voices concern over planned subsidies for the biomass sector.

The Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation has raised its concerns that not enough research has gone into the planned subsidies for biofuel and the impact this will have on raw material resources for markets such as pallets.

It has joined forces with CEI-BOIS, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, to call for more investigation into the area, as well as urging for further research into the role of waste wood and sustainable forest management in the biomass market.

“Pallets and packaging are critical items in the materials handling chain, and clients cannot afford an interruption in supplies in order to keep their products moving,” Timcon said.

“Timcon fully supports the encouragement of additional supply of biomass, but is concerned that supply may not be sufficient to meet projected demand that will materialise if there are high subsidies for biofuel.”

Energy producer E.On UK is the latest company to announce plans for a wood-fuelled biomass power plant, with the £300m, 150MW Portbury Dock Renewable Energy Plant at the Port of Bristol set to generate enough power for 200,000 homes.