The EUTR is now less than eight months away and the TTF has been working with its members to ensure they are ready. And due diligence, which is at the core of the EUTR, is a compulsory condition of TTF membership through its proprietary Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP).

"However, we are concerned that there are businesses in the supply chain outside of TTF membership which have not looked at how they will comply with the requirements and this could taint the reputation of the industry as a whole," said Anand Punja, the TTF’s sustainability manager.

"We’re hoping that this survey will help raise awareness and highlight those firms with whom we now need to engage."

Any company that places timber or paper products on the EU market for the first time – known in the EUTR as "operators" is invited to take part in the survey, which will remain open until August 31. The results will be published by October.

Participants, who can choose to enter anonymously, will be entered into a draw with prizes donated by the Rainforest Alliance.

To participate go to