Greenpeace UK forests campaigner Andy Tait has been “deported” from Indonesia after drawing attention to deforestation in the country.

Mr Tait had been leaving the country after a few intense days with the authorities and was then given a deportation notice while he was at the airport.

Mr Tait, who has written for TTJ in the past, had been working in Indonesia on Greenpeace’s campaign to halt the forest practices of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

Writing in his blog, Mr Tait said he had been followed by plain clothes policemen to the airport. After an initial mix-up over his identity, his passport was given a deportation stamp.

“I don’t yet know when or if I will be allowed back into a country that I have enjoyed visiting so much for nearly a decade,” he said.

Mr Tait claims the Greenpeace campaign has uncovered evidence of APP clearing large areas of natural forest and that its investigation is being hampered.

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