The FSC and PEFC forest certification schemes have both been given a clean bill of health in a review by the government’s Central Point for expertise on Timber procurement (CPET).

CPET said both schemes continue to deliver evidence of sustainability in compliance with the UK government’s timber procurement policy.

An independent technical panel carried out the review using the March 2008 version of Category A Review Methodology which focuses on documentation but does not include investigation of outcomes on the ground.

CPET said both schemes had made improvements since the last assessment two years ago, including passing of new social criteria and ensuring the conversion of forests and national implementation criteria were met.

Others schemes were not reviewed in full as they are now endorsed by PEFC.

This includes the Malaysian MTCS scheme, which is effectivley also regarded as legal and sustainable.

However, CPET said it should be consulted for non-PEFC certified MTCS timber as it may still only ensure legality.

FSC said its highest score in the review process reconfirmed it as the “gold standard” in forest certification.