Extensive changes to the brand have been made since the intellectual property, equipment and some stocks were acquired from administrators of the former Victorian Wood Works Ltd just over a year ago.

Steve Payne, the company’s general manager, told TTJ that a significant investment had been made by the new owner – Edwards Cheshire Co Ltd, a leading importer and distributor of sustainable hardwood flooring, which also operates the Ted Todd premium wood flooring brand.

As well as the new showroom off Berkeley Square, aimed at wealthy clients and designers, the company has moved production from Essex to Cheshire, invested in new vehicles and launched eight new products.

"We have a purpose-built factory and are no longer an Essex-based business," said Mr Payne.

"The old company [Victorian Wood Works Ltd] had spread itself quite thinly over the years and had become all things to all men, selling commodity flooring at £30/m2 right up to antique floors at £400/m2.

"We are focused on differentiating ourselves and aligning the business at the top end of the timber flooring market."

While the company produces and sells new solid and engineered flooring, some of its top-end ranges consist of reclaimed and antique flooring sourced internationally. The Grand Collection comprises rare original face, premium antique oak, elm and pine, which can be up to 400 years old.