The ZOW trade show concept for the furniture supply industry has made a successful debut in Spain, attracting 144 exhibitors and 3,500 visitors.

The Madrid show, held between June 19-22, attracted 307 foreign (non-Spanish) visitors, as well as exhibitors from countries including the UK, Austria, Italy, Korea, Poland and Slovenia.

A large assortment of surface materials were on display, with light woods like beech, maple and oak proving a popular trend.

Various sea-coloured wood décors included bleached ash in light green, azure or dark blue, while a combination of silver coloured metal with light wood was much in evidence.

Show organisers Survey Marketing & Consulting SL says the Iberian furniture market is one of the few global markets not stagnating, with Spanish manufacturers still investing with the hope of improving competitiveness in Europe through increased productivity.

Zow started in Germany, and last year launched its first edition in Italy.