Richard Burbidge Ltd is investing a further £250,000 in its brand building campaign.

The decorative timber products company has already spent £500,000 on a consumer home interest media advertising campaign (TTJ March 17).

Launched in March it has already shown positive results. A tracking study to measure the effects showed that, after two months, 15% of the target audience recalled the advertisements when prompted.

Ninety two per cent of that number positively attributed the butterfly which features in the advertisement to the Burbidge brand.

Now Richard Burbidge is to sponsor the new series of ITV home interest programme Our House, to be launched on Sunday July 15 and due to run for 16 weeks.

Carlton TV’s Our House is aired in four TV regions – Carlton, HTV, Westcountry and Central – with a coverage of more than one million adults. As part of the sponsorship Richard Burbidge will receive a total of 35 seconds of air time split before, during and after each programme.

The TV sponsorship aims to show consumers the inspirational and transformational effect of decorative timber. This is achieved using a computer animated version of an image from one of the press advertisements which shows a wooden caterpillar ‘transforming’ into a carved timber butterfly.

The animation was created by The Framestore whose work includes Walking with Dinosaurs and the opening sequence for the film Notting Hill.

Burbidge marketing services manager Gary Carter said: ‘By sponsoring the programme we are aligning our products with the themes of transformation and creativity to inspire customers to create individual house decors using decorative timber.’