Carpenter Oak supplies oak for major new D-Day memorial in Normandy

10 June 2021

Devon-based Carpenter Oak has been involved supplying oak for a stunning new memorial to D-Day soldiers who lost their lives in Normandy during World War 2.

The site in Ver-Sur-Mer overlooks Gold Beach and records every name of those under British command who lost their lives between the D-Day landings on June 6 and August 31 when the campaign concluded with the liberation of Paris.

Carpenter Oak’s role in the project included the frame design, manufacture and erection of the pergola structure that covers the stone columns, comprising 84 beams and around 500 joists, using over 70m3 of oak.

It also made wooden trellises, made up of 600 slats of larch and 22 large oak benches which allow visitors to sit and reflect on those who gave their lives.

Architect Liam O’Connor was passionate for the main structure to be in oak; for the oak to be sourced locally to the site and carved there.

“It was an honour to work with the engineers and architects and bring our expertise in oak to help them achieve their vision and create this historical landmark,” said Adam Milton, founding director at Carpenter Oak.

The British Normandy Memorial was officially opened on Sunday 6 June 2021, exactly 77 years on from the landings. You can find out more about the British Normandy Memorial at MEMORIAL.

Oak beams at the new Memorial. Photo: Normandy Memorial Trust