Co-operation amongst European wood industry companies is getting stronger, according to Jan Söderlind, managing director of the Nordic Timber Council (NTC).

He said the recent European Timber Council meeting in Copenhagen clearly showed that all the participating organisations were finally convinced that working together was the most promising way for everyone to achieve better results – even with limited budgets.

The meeting was attended by timber industry representatives from France, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and the European organisations CEI-Bois and FEBO, and it underlined the success of the NTC’s strategy and efforts during recent years.

Meanwhile, the NTC has launched projects in Europe similar to the UK wood. for good campaign. These include a European wood magazine which will be distributed in most European countries in November, and the Wood-Food project aimed at all interested parties in the field of transport and packaging.

“Environmental communication” and “Building Europe” are other ideas in the pipeline.

Mr Söderlind and many of his colleagues were convinced that “unity and co-operation among European timber organisations” would improve the influence of all wood-promoting organisations.

Confirmation of which countries will take part in which projects is expected in November when another timber industry event – the European Wood Day – is due to take place.