JeldWen Penrith boosts output with new Biele line

14 September 2022

Biele has developed a complete turnkey manufacturing line for residential doors production at JeldWen’s Penrith site. It replaces two of the three assembly lines that were more than 30-years old and that had become prone to breakdowns and low output.

JeldWen was looking for a customised solution that would automate its basic hollow-core and half-hour fire doors manufacturing processes. The goal was to provide at a first stage a complete press line that would increase productivity, and to design an artificial vision camera system to improve the quality control check in a second stage.

The main challenge was that the line had to be able to produce both the hollow core and half-hour fire doors at high speed. Another challenge was the because space at Penrith was limited, Biele had to design a solution to remove and replace two existing lines while maintaining production.

“The old assembly lines at best could produce three doors per minute and were of a cellular system,” said Andrew Taylor, product manager at JeldWen Penrith. “The new lines are now completely integrated and they produce five doors per minute.”