SmartPly OSB has been used to create a new installation at Brighton art gallery Fabrica that uses engineered timber in an organic and natural setting.

The Undercroft has been designed by French artist Vincent Mauger to create a lattice structure that “brings to mind the geometry of computer-aided design, but [on] closer inspection reveals an artisan’s pride in carefully crafted detail”.

It uses 150 sheets of 18mm OSB in its construction, which are supported by five OSB pillars, and uses the material’s wood strands to recreate leaf-like shapes.

“Throughout the construction of the sculpture, it was like watching Vincent paint with SmartPly OSB using an angle grinder as a brush,” said Fabrica exhibition organiser Jonathan Swain.

“The finished piece looks effortless and weightless but it is surreal when you think that there are about five tonnes of construction boarding floating over your head.”

The Undercroft will be on display at Fabrica until the end of August.