Softwood imports will continue to fall in 2009 but the outlook for 2010 looks more promising, according to the latest figures published by The Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

The statistics, compiled by Nick Moore of timbertrends for the TTF, show that imported sawn timber volume (softwood and hardwood) fell by 25% and panels volume fell by 32% from January-July 2009 compared with the same period in 2008.

But, with the rate of decline slowing, the TTF’s National Softwood Division (NSD) is predicting a 14% increase in import volumes in 2010.

The lion’s share of softwood imports into the UK continues to come from Sweden, with the Scandinavian producer accounting for 50.7% of all imports in July 2009, up from 44.4% the previous year. The next highest importer was Finland at 12.2%.

The NSD has confirmed its forecasts, revealed last month, based on the seven months’ data. It predicts that softwood imports will fall to 4.74 million m³ in 2009 and will recover in 2010 to similar levels achieved in 2008 (5.4 million m³).

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