The Dutch steam treated timber, PLATOWood, has been relaunched on the market less than a year after the original company ran into financial difficulties.

With new investors and under the new name Plato International, the company is operating again at the Arnhem plant.

PLATOWood is created by taking less durable species such as spruce, poplar and birch and putting them through a hydrothermal process – drying, cooking and baking without any coatings – to give a moisture content of just 8%. The maximum thickness is limited to 50mm.

The company says the wood becomes more durable and stable after treatment, making it ideal for decking and cladding, and believes it can help reduce pressure on valuable, often tropical, hardwoods.

Willem-Jan Bluyssen, account manager for Plato International, said the new company would concentrate on smaller volumes than before using only the best quality wood.

Potential buyers in Holland include the construction, civil engineering and gardening sectors, and it is also looking for companies to take up licences to supply the wood.