The importer, processor and distributor of timber and wood products recently made the transition to its new national sales office in Towcester, Northamptonshire. Regional sales offices have been moved to the new facility.

Snows described the development as a clear move towards a more structured and closely-managed customer service function.

“Although customers still can, and do receive support from the organisation’s regional offices, this new, national sales office represents a momentous step for the company in being able to properly structure and manage a comprehensive customer journey from enquiry, through to quotation, sales, order processing and relationship development,” it said.

More than 20 people are in the national sales team, which it described as entirely new, as it sought to bring fresh fasces, ideas and perspectives to the business.

“The opening of our National Sales Office will allow us to offer customers an effective service and provide an element of stability,” said Snows MD Ian Church.

“We’re looking forward to developing a new way of working between Snows and our customers.”