More housebuilders are looking for spandrel panels to be supplied as an integral part of their engineered timber roofing orders, according to Donaldson Timber Engineering (DTE).

The company cited retirement home developer McCarthy & Stone as one of its clients which was increasingly specifying spandrel panels.

“It’s clear that housebuilders are increasingly aware of the advantages the prefabricated spandrel delivers in terms of time, cost and waste reduction, when compared with the traditional practice of building up masonry walls,” said DTE sales director Jim Provan.

“We encourage the use of spandrel panels wherever possible,” said McCarthy & Stone’s regional buyer for the south-west Richard Brodie. “We find they are easier and quicker to fit – they are lowered into position along with the roof trusses, so that they create a finished product straightaway and other work can continue.”

DTE is currently supplying trusses, spandrels and all additional timbers for the developer’s 46-unit apartment development on the Isle of Wight.