The Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) has showcased its Indigenous Peoples’ Voices Program at a network night for the winners of the Tech Awards 2007.

TFT received a SanDisk Equality Award Laureate for the software and its use in the Congo and with logging firm Congolaise Industrielle des Bois.

TFT’s program is designed to allow non-literate indigenous communities to use electronic mapping tools and global positioning systems by offering automatic recording and icon-based software.

“The Tech Awards are an incredible honour, recognising individuals and organisations whose ideas and execution of those ideas are changing the world,” said TFT executive director Scott Poynton.

A further 24 companies and products were chosen to be recognised in the Tech Museum Awards: Technology Benefiting Humanity, with the Tech Laureates Venture Network Showcase taking place on November 7 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre, California.