A Clacton-on-Sea timber composites manufacturer claims to have manufactured the strongest wood-plastic composite decking on the market.

Dura Composites said its Dura Deck 225 HD (heavy duty), made of reclaimed hardwood fibre and high-density polyethylene, had the potential to transform public walkways.

The company told TTJ that the development of the 225m wide product followed success with its 295mm-wide 23mm-thick Dura Deck in 2008 and was designed to further improve the reputation of composite deck boards in terms of strength and endurance.

It said tests showed the board can span up to 700mm for pedestrian loadings and would not fail until it reaches 700kg on a point load.

The goal was to provide a high loads capability for a wide range of public walkways and also rigours as diverse as golf buggy movements and stiletto heel point loads on dance floors.

Tests were also carried out in Dubai, where temperature can reach 50°C.

Dura Composites said considerable work had gone into the designing the deck board’s section and the pultrusion tooling to get the mix and placing of hardwood fibre and plastic right.