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New voices speak out on forestry, environment and FLEGT 25 January, 2016 A technically aware, environmentally committed new generation in supplier countries is increasingly shaping the development of the EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Voluntary Partnership Agreement (FLEGT VPA) initiative, and other forestry and timber sector legality and sustainability programmes worldwide. Mike Jeffree asked a range of them in VPA signatory countries worldwide about their views, outlook and aspirations. Here are the responses from Indonesia, Ghana and Honduras > read more

Not quite so Great Expectations 20 August, 2015 The hardwood trade may have lost some momentum this year, but the outlook remains positive. And it’s unfazed by talk of an EUTR enforcement focus on the sector. Mike Jeffree reports.

Worldview at Global Timber Forum 20 August, 2015 Delegates from around the world gathered to discuss key international wood industry issues
at the second Global Timber Forum summit in China. Mike Jeffree reports

The rise and rise of LVL 20 July, 2015 New production lines and boosted capacity will result in more LVL on the market in future. Sally Spencer reports.

Sector Focus: Panel Products, “The China Question” 20 April, 2015 China has rapidly grown from being one of the world’s largest importers of plywood to one of the largest exporters and that shift has brought recognised sourcing problems for the timber industry, highlighted by recent issues on EUTR compliance. Keren Fallwell reports.

Welley Floor Focus 20 March, 2015 In Penang, Malaysia is plywood and engineered flooring manufacturer Welley Timber Industries
Sdn Bhd which has market-focused objectives based on innovation, reports Michael Buckley

Despatches from the Malaysian forest 22 December, 2014 Turnstone Singapore’s Michael Buckley recently visited Malaysia and discovered a country that is keen to make the most of its timber resource but that also values its environment.

FLEGT – forging legality links 05 May, 2014 The battle against illegal logging is being joined by timber consumer and producer countries worldwide, and taking interesting new directions. Mike Jeffree reports.

Timber Expo: Seismic debut 05 October, 2013 Suteki’s presence at Timber Expo underlined the growing overseas interest in the developing UK timber construction market.

VPA vision for legality 07 September, 2013 Implementing EU FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements is taking longer than hoped, but supplier countries signed up to the initiative have already made major progress on legality assurance. Mike Jeffree reports.

Indonesia’s legality milestone 12 November, 2012 It once topped the world league table of illegal timber suppliers, but Indonesia has taken radical steps to shed that status. Andy Roby, DFID-funded industry adviser in the country, reports on latest significant developments

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