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Separating fiction from fact 21 June, 2016 Consulting wood scientist Jim Coulson looks at the subject of wood preservation in this latest Talking Timber column

Innovators step right up 21 June, 2016 Innovators in the timber industry once again have an opportunity to be recognised in the TTJ Awards. Joint sponsor of the 2016 TTJ Timber Innovation Award TRADA says there is also a new twist to the category this year

Legality enforcement 21 June, 2016 EUTR Competent Authority enforcement agencies and counterparts from around the world regularly gather to share expertise and intelligence under the TREE initiative. Mike Jeffree reports

On tour in Ireland 21 June, 2016 Glennon Brothers recently hosted a tour of Irish forest product operations for the six finalists of the 2015 TTJ Career Development Award, which the company sponsored last year. Sally Spencer reports

EPF extends reach 21 June, 2016 In the spring of 2015, Clive Pinnington became the fi rst managing director of the European Panel Federation (EPF). Mike Botting, editor of TTJ sister magazine Wood Based Panels International, spoke to Mr Pinnington

Fit for Purpose 20 May, 2016 Both the preservatives sector and timber fastener industry have worked hard to make sure fixing into preservative treated wood is as trouble-free as possible, Stephen Powney reports

A mission to protect 20 May, 2016 The prospects of the timber treatment sector are good, but it needs to be ever more proactive to achieve its potential, the Wood Protection Association conference heard. Mike Jeffree reports

Looking ahead 20 May, 2016 As UK timber prices continue to struggle, Paul Trigg, assistant head of risk underwriting and timber specialist at global credit insurer Euler Hermes, examines the growing fi nancial risk in the sector’s supply chain

Positive trends after tougher year 20 May, 2016 There are early signs that 2016 will be a stronger year for US hardwood exports to the UK and the rest of Europe. Rupert Oliver of Forest Industries Intelligence reports

Wood: under-priced and undervalued 20 May, 2016 Andrew True, Wood Technology Society board member and experienced timber trader, continues his look at timber pricing

US visions of European opportunity 20 May, 2016 The American Hardwood Export Council has the time, vision and tenacity to find and develop exciting new futures for US hardwoods in Europe, writes European director David Venables

Pressure on creosote 20 May, 2016 Creosote has long been a high performance method of preserving timber, but ever-tightening
regulation on its use is causing some to look at alternatives, reports Stephen Powney

Modified Rapture 20 May, 2016 After several years of steady growth the modifi ed wood sector is on the brink of major expansion. Sally Spencer reports

Southern yellow grows globally 20 May, 2016 Markets worldwide continue to demand strong, high-quality lumber, and US southern pine is suited to a wide variety of applications, writes Charles Trevor, consultant for American Softwoods and Richard Wallace, vice president communications at the Southern Forest Products Association. And back home, the softwood industry is also developing its sales, marketing and technical story

The art of the possible 20 May, 2016 Paul Clegg, the CEO of modified timber producer Accsys Technologies, explains how the work ethic instilled during his time in the City helped him turn around the company’s fortunes – and why he wants to live forever. Sally Spencer reports

Timber treatment’s case in the round 20 May, 2016 The emergence of the circular economy concept and the rise of timber in construction pose
opportunities and challenges for the timber treatment sector. Mike Jeffree reports

Recovery position 20 April, 2016 The panels sector may not be enjoying the significant gains seen in 2014 but the house building recovery is still providing good levels of business. Sally Spencer reports

Norbord Inverness expansion under way 20 April, 2016 Norbord’s £95m Inverness OSB plant expansion is now underway. Sally Spencer talks to Norbord Europe managing director Karl Morris.

Best for forests, best for business 20 April, 2016 One of Indonesia’s leading timber companies sees both bottom line and environmental benefi ts in the country’s engagement with the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade timber legality assurance initiative. Mike Jeffree reports

UK agencies ready for FLEGT licensed cargo 20 April, 2016 After a long wait, FLEGT licensed legally assured timber is expected to arrive in the EU, and most likely the UK this year. Mike Jeffree reports on the preparedness of the UK authorities

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