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It’s what I’ve always wanted… 18 August, 2014 Top architects and designers have come up with a wish list of products they’ve always wanted but never been able to find. Thanks to AHEC and Benchmark Furniture, these products have now been made and will be exhibited as part of the London Design Festival. AHEC’S Belinda Cobden-Ramsay reports.

Five designs on diversity 16 June, 2014 A London design exhibition underlined the untapped manufacturing and creative strengths of under-exploited US hardwoods. Mike Jeffree reports.

FLEGT – forging legality links 05 May, 2014 The battle against illegal logging is being joined by timber consumer and producer countries worldwide, and taking interesting new directions. Mike Jeffree reports.

Diversity spells dynamism 19 April, 2014 Incoming American Hardwood Export Council chair Jennifer Brand, vice-president international wood products at Bridgewell Resources, told TTJ editor Mike Jeffree that she sees a bright future for a US hardwoods sector based on diversity of species, products, export markets and workforce.

Modified momentum 19 April, 2014 The market’s light bulb moment for the potential of thermally-modified US hardwood is just around the corner, writes Neil Summers of Timber Dimension, which is working with the American Hardwood Export Council to test and validate the material’s performance.

Adopt an architect 19 April, 2014 Building bridges with construction professionals can reap rich rewards for timber, according to AHEC’s David Venables. Mike Jeffree reports.

Catching economies on the rise 19 April, 2014 There may still be speed bumps ahead, but the US hardwood sector is accelerating along the road back from recession, reports Judd Johnson of Hardwood Market Report.

Data drives demand 19 April, 2014 The market requires ever more information on timber legality, environmental impact and performance. The American Hardwood Export Profile is US hardwoods’ response. Rupert Oliver reports.

Ecobuild:Canada and UK launch building network 22 March, 2014 A Canada/UK accord aimed at fostering collaboration on sustainability in the built environment has been formed.

High stepping publicity 11 January, 2014 AHEC’s latest US hardwood promotional initiative has achieved global exposure. Mike Jeffree reports.

Timber Expo: Eacom commits to UK 05 October, 2013 Canadian company Eacom Timber Corp was at Timber Expo to emphasise its UK presence .

Timber Expo: Sansin’s coat of colours 05 October, 2013 Silva Timber, which stocks the Canadian wood coating Sansin, was also on the Ontario stand.

Endless opportunities 05 October, 2013 The cross-laminated tulipwood Endless Stair demonstrates the potential of hardwoods in construction, and AHEC has gone a step further by providing an LCA of the project. Keren Fallwell reports

Window of opportunity 23 April, 2013 Heat treatment is providing new opportunities for external applications of US hardwoods, including window manufacture. Sally Spencer reports

Levelling the playing field 23 April, 2013 The Seneca Creek study demonstrated that there is a less than 1% risk of illegal wood entering the US hardwood supply chain – a key factor now that the EU Timber Regulation has come into force.

In good health 23 April, 2013 Dean Alanko, the new chairman of AHEC and vice-president of sales and marketing at Allegheny Wood Products, talks to TTJ about the health of both the organisation and the US hardwood sector.

Rhyme and reason 23 April, 2013 The American Hardwood Export Council is focused on giving its promotional strategy ever more technical clout. Mike Jeffree reports.

Are you sitting sustainably? 12 November, 2012 AHEC’s latest project for the London Design Festival merged design with sustainability. Sally Spencer reports

Putting LCA at the centre of sustainable design 18 August, 2012 AHEC has published a comprehensive report on the environmental life cycle of delivering US hardwood lumber into overseas markets. The ISO-conforming report has received praise from independent LCA experts and is being used as the basis for innovative tools to integrate sustainability into product design. Rupert Oliver reports

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